Laptop & Desktop Repair

Computer Repair San Dimas

computer repair san dimas

From broken screens to nonoperational hard drives we can fix it all.

Our services include:

  • Monitor/Screen Repair – Replace the broken screen for a new one.
  • Remove Virus and Malware – Recover from freezing, lockups, corrupted applications.
  • Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade – Add new or replace a new Hard Drive for more storage to your computer.
  • Solid State Drive Upgrade – Upgrade your slow hard drive to the fastest form of storage.
  • Operating System Upgrade/Downgrade – Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, 8, etc.
  • Data Migration – Copying fragile data to a new storage location.
  • Motherboard Replacement/Upgrade – Replace or upgrade an old legacy motherboard that works with your devices/software.
  • CPU Replacement/Upgrade – Faster processing performance keeps getting better with new releases.
  • RAM Upgrade/Replacement – One of the most important resources for your computer to run many applications at once.
  • Peripheral Replacement – Replace broken Trackpad or Keyboards.

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